Gold Services

Client Relations and Thank You to CXA Awards 2021

We are real and you can see us at Wedding Show 2021 Excel Arena Stand G31. With our Oyster and Gold Services you have the choice of number of gifts within each service that you can choose for your sympathy, special celebratory event and occasion as you can see from the blogs, which should give you more idea of what we do, please book an appointment we can do this via zoom, you can see us, be with us and totally absorb yourself with minimal risk to yourselves or others..please email or complete the form..we can use facetime or messenger too..

We are moveable to where you are..on time every time...UPS and Car Chauffeur Services...when you say go we go to where you are...the CEO even does it too..

Babywear 0-36 months

For our discerning clients, we can advise using our expert lead collaborative team on complimentary and contrasting on trend designer fashion. We can even advise on Nursery Furniture and buy this for you we have a special ordering system here online and your wish is our command....Have a Lovely Day...

26th May 2019

This is Where We Started

Availability is to Stock Ordering, Your Choices are bespoke so buy the service from Su, choose your number of Gifts, discuss your requirements with boxes, colours, textures, 360 views, even down to delivery, all so you can see what you may not ever see again other than lighter on the balance...this is where we started now look, we are taken for 4 CXA Awards 2021. Thank You

21, 31, 41 Gifts

Drive Driven

The numbers of gifts all wrapped up, the service you choose from Su. The Delivery Choice is all yours, which includes Drive Driven our door to door service timed, venued too. The designwork can be all yours, we then negotiate with our CAD Product Engineer who allows you to see within 5 -10 days your order alive...all 360 views, colour blend, texture, abstract or complementary, shapes, angles, gold, wooden or glass with all branding empires inscripted to perfection not letting anyone down.

Corporate Business Gifting

with 41 Gifts

or with bespoke, your choice or mine, do you actually know what Brand it is that you would like, in each Gift Box,,, designed? Well ask us and we can help you, put emotional intelligence back into choice. Trust us we know, a PA given a Service Award, awkward moments, when she breaks down whilst taking minutes...afterward after 17 years, member of NED we have seen and heard quite a number of stories...Straight forward ordering, boxing, bespoke if needed for VIP, Guests of Honour, Presidents, Honoury Members of..list is endless only one chance to impress with respect, discretion and meticulous finess..


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